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Preservation by ShortCircuit123 Preservation :iconshortcircuit123:ShortCircuit123 12,137 1,101
butterfly cousin
you tongue the rim of a bottle
like a cunt-hungry boy-
you are stumbling from room to room
toppling vases bursting like ripe figs,
waltz yourself to bed with a knife as a partner,
the walls scream
you fall asleep rocking red, stinging breasts
between your shoulderblades.
if you didn’t want him to make you touch it
then you should have spoken louder, moth-girl,
faded into the woodwork,
lingered in drawers to feed on others’ clothes
not gulp down paper and spit up
a chrysalis.
(you are never transformed, only
like warm linen)
and if you wanted to stay beautiful
you should have harvested butterflies inside your
swollen belly,
you know that you will not have peace
when your thighs are close enough
to kiss each other good morning.
moth-girl, butterfly cousin,
they will always love you a little less
than you love them;
you will be caught reaching just as they
are pulling back their hands.
:iconmercury-the-queen:Mercury-the-Queen 12 21
kiss until they bleed again
when he kissed my scars he
pulled the ruined flesh
up between his teeth and said
“these heart-wounds make me horny,”
bent his neck to press his lips against
the soft swell of aching skin;
with his tongue he drew my anger-blood
to the surface
where it broke like waves.
“now you,
come press your lips
against my swelling and my aching;”
he spoke with blood at his mouth-corners
and i had no choice but to
place him on my tongue like fruit,
ripe and ripening-
the small globe of a fig
stretching with the weight of lust
until it burst.
:iconmercury-the-queen:Mercury-the-Queen 8 3
Ben was awoken by a loud crackling noise. He sat up in bed, disoriented, and tried to figure out what could have caused the strange, but oddly familiar sound. Deciding that it must have been thunder, he stood up and walked toward the window. He peered through the blinds, to look for any other signs of a storm, but it was too dark to see anything.
Turning back toward his bed, Ben began to feel the after-effect of the two glasses of water that he drank before going to bed. He walked out of his bedroom, making sure to close the door behind him to keep his cat, Lucy, from wandering in, and navigated the hallway in the dim light provided by a few night-lights that were plugged in just above the baseboard. Approaching the bathroom door, he noticed that it was slightly ajar and stopped short.
"I thought I closed that." Ben said to himself.
Assuming that the door must not have latched properly, he proceeded into the room and did his business. While washing his hands, Ben looked in the mirror a
:iconjohnhmaloney:johnhmaloney 57 54
Photo study by Lulybot Photo study :iconlulybot:Lulybot 1,602 45 Eridu by AnnaProvidence Eridu :iconannaprovidence:AnnaProvidence 265 11
rest in pieces
how does it feel to have my heart on your hands?
here lies the best four years of your life
finish what you started, selfish heart-
pick up the shovel and bury me beneath the floorboards
the wind blows through my shadow
let me haunt you like you haunt me
cold bed, here lies love
i slip silently through the walls,
through the cracks,
through the days
this house is a cemetary
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 86 30
Skin of the Wind by kolaboy Skin of the Wind :iconkolaboy:kolaboy 361 31 OII by LidiaRossana OII :iconlidiarossana:LidiaRossana 205 115 Room of my dreams by Annie-Bertram Room of my dreams :iconannie-bertram:Annie-Bertram 401 49
but then i remembered: my heart is a trickster.
it is really too bad that anxiety finds me when my eyes catch you, on nights when the storm in my belly is calmest; i told her to wait for me in the back of my mind, but she mistook you for the next block.
i want to die and be reborn as the press of a flower against your wrist, or maybe the sweet sun, kicking its shadowy feet while sitting on your doe-lashes. i think i find peace with the coral and the stingrays, floating inches above the sea floor and losing myself in kelp strands - kelp may indeed be the color of my eyes in my dreams (i'll never know because my mind, it doesn't dream in color);
or maybe i find serenity in the tremble of your voice as you speak to me in my loneliest nightmares.
i wish you knew that you still have a seat in the ruling chambers of my shattered heart.
:iconunfaithfulstars:unfaithfulstars 135 43
Herbstbegrau by ArrHart Herbstbegrau :iconarrhart:ArrHart 79 3
to wake the dead.
would it be terribly insensitive
for me to say “good morning”
in a cemetery?
the sun lifts up slowly,
and the dead sleep in late,
as usual.
:iconlittleblueraccoon:littleblueraccoon 196 26
lalok rabah by styvop lalok rabah :iconstyvop:styvop 576 19 Koi by LunaFeles Koi :iconlunafeles:LunaFeles 1,748 81 Sand Storm by Vitaly-Sokol Sand Storm :iconvitaly-sokol:Vitaly-Sokol 846 57


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if I ever show you
these marks
and ugly scars
it would only hurt more,
my heart would sink
deeper down
under the dead(ly) weight
of the words


(to me your name sounds like Battle)
Hi ! first writing .. actually I'm not totally satisfied with it but I wanted to give it a try 
Any remark or help is welcome (english isn't my mother tongue so there are probably some errors)


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hi !
see my favourites (:


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